Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Featured Paintings

New Orleans Interior

Galatoire's Restaurant

Streetcar along St. Charles Avenue

House on the Mississippi Coast



Latrobe Building


  1. Will! Congrats on being online! I have always loved your painting you did for Carley and Trey. These are great and I look forward to seeing more up soon!


  2. Hi Will,
    I am not sure this will reach you, but I saw your art featured in a NYT article. I attended college in New Orleans and both of my parents are from Yazoo City, MS. My mother thinks you may be Michael Erickson's son (she attended St. Clara's Catholic school with a number of Ericksons). Anyway, we were wondering what the process is for reviewing and purchasing a few of your pieces. If you have time, please drop me an email at: montgomery.katy@gmail.com.
    Katy Montgomery

  3. Wonderful article Will - Love that painting of the "Half Way House"!

  4. Love your work Will! I also love what you did with your mother's house in Fairhope. Hope to meet you soon.

    Laura Favre Hicks
    Mobile, Alabama